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Review for The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Night Mark
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Publisher: MIRA
Publish Date: March 28, 2017


From the bestselling author of The Bourbon Thief comes a sweeping tale of loss and courage, where one woman discovers that her destiny is written in sand, not carved in stone.

Faye Barlow is drowning. After the death of her beloved husband, Will, she cannot escape her grief and most days can barely get out of bed. But when she's offered a job photographing South Carolina's storied coast, she accepts. Photography, after all, is the only passion she has left.

In the quaint beach town, Faye falls in love again when she sees the crumbling yet beautiful Bride Island lighthouse and becomes obsessed with the legend surrounding The Lady of the Light --the keeper's daughter who died in a mysterious drowning in 1921. Like a moth to a flame, Faye is drawn to the lighthouse for reasons she can't explain. While visiting it one night, she is struck by a rogue wave and a force impossible to resist drags Faye into the past--and into a love story that is not her own.

Fate is changeable. Broken hearts can mend. But can she love two men separated by a lifetime?


Review: 5 STARS!!

Have you ever read a book that touched you so deeply that when you finished reading the book, you just hugged the book to your chest and sat there for a minute with a smile on your face and some tears in your eyes? That was this book for me.

Faye Barlow is one of the strongest female characters that I have ever read. She has been beaten down emotionally and mentally and just wants to let go, but then one trip to South Carolina changes everything for her. I loved how Tiffany Reisz really let us into the deep recesses of Faye's mind. There was ugly and dark parts, but there was also happy, loving & funny parts. Seeing Faye's character grow throughout this book was inspiring. She was thrust into the unknown and instead of running scared or giving up, she embraced her new reality. I loved the love stories in this book; they made my heart weep and melt at the same time. Everything happens for a reason and people come into your life at certain times for a reason and this book is the perfect example of those.

All of the characters in this book have some significant part that they play in Faye's life. I loved watching Faye grow a connection with a time and a place and with people that helped her heal. This book had the perfect blend of romance, mystery & drama. This book touched me in deep ways that very few books have and I am so grateful to Tiffany Reisz for that. This book made me laugh, cry, swoon and in certain parts, made me sit up and say, "Oh my gosh...what is going to happen next?" The Night Mark will be a book that I will re read time and time again and never get bored with it. Thank you Tiffany Reisz for writing such an extraordinary & compelling book!!

-Elizabeth from Crazii Bitches Book Blog

About the Author

Tiffany Reisz is the author of the highly acclaimed series The Original Sinners. Her first novel, The Siren, won the RT Book Reviews Editor's Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance of 2012. Slightly shameless, Tiffany dropped out of a conservative Southern seminary in order to pursue a career as a writer. This move, while possibly putting her eternal salvation in peril, has worked out better than she anticipated. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer, and two cats. Find her on Twitter, Facebook & Wattpad.

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