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Review & Excerpt Tour for Real Good Love by Meghan March

From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new duet with a hero you won't want to miss

 I’ve had my fair share of bad boys, but nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with a real good man. 
 Logan Brantley changed everything. 
 Somewhere along the way, what started as a fling became the best part of my life. 
 He makes me want all the things I’ve never had, like forever and happily ever after, but nothing worth having comes easily. 
 Everyone is betting on us to fail, but I’m ready to fight for this real good love.   

  Real Good Love is the conclusion of the Real Duet and should be read following Real Good Man.  

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    I’m a woman on a mission when I step off my last flight at six o’clock at night, annoyed it took me an entire freaking day to get here since I made my plans at the last minute. As soon as I leave the rental car desk, I’m headed for my first destination. Logan’s shop. 

 He’s never going to know what hit him. My skirt is short, my heels are tall, and my hair, skin, and nails are perfect from the pampering I managed to sneak in this week. 

 I pull into the parking lot an hour and a half later, mostly because I was so busy singing along to every kick-ass female anthem on my playlist that I missed the turn and went fifteen miles in the wrong direction. 

 But no one needs to know that little detail. 

 The lights are still on, and Logan’s truck is parked in its normal spot alongside the building. No other cars remain in the lot. 

 I pull out my phone and switch it out of airplane mode. I told myself I kept it there all day because I was worried about the safety of my flights and obviously because of the FAA regulations, but that’s total bull. 

 I didn’t trust myself not to answer what must be at least a few messages from Logan. I wanted this to be a surprise. Like when Logan thought I might be pregnant, this is a discussion that needs to happen in person. 

 A few text messages pop up from him immediately, and they’re progressively more . . . let’s call it assertive.

  My Sexy Man: Bruce, call me. 
  My Sexy Man: Seriously, babe. Call me. 
  My Sexy Man: CALL ME. 
  My Sexy Man: This radio silence shit will not fly. Call me, Bruce. 
  My Sexy Man: Banner Regent, don’t even try to dodge me. I know where you are, and I will come to you and show you how a real man handles this situation.   

 A smile spreads over my face. I’ve come to terms with a few things in the last twenty-four hours, and one of them is that I don’t care if I’m the first one to say those words I’ve been holding back. I love Logan Brantley, and I’m not going to let another day go by without telling him. To his face. 

 After I park, I slide out of the car, careful not to pull a Britney and flash anyone my vag because I’m going commando under this skirt, and strut my ass up to the entrance. 

 I push on the door that opens into the waiting room, but it doesn’t budge. Locked. Well, dammit, that’s not part of my plan. I bang on it, but no one comes. The beat of whatever rock song he’s listening to is thumping through the walls.

 I pull my phone out of my wristlet and text him back. 

  Banner: Open the damn door. 

 A response pops up in seconds. 

  My Sexy Man: What door? 
  Banner: I’m waiting.      

From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new duet. We've all had the bad boys, now it's time for a Real Good Man. 

Fall for a woman over text messages? No way in hell. 
 Reality can never be as good at the fantasy, right? 
 Wrong. It’s better. 
 Banner Regent is smart, funny, and she’s so far out of my league, she might as well be royalty. 
 I’m a mechanic from Kentucky. She’s a New York City party girl. 
 We were never supposed to meet, but one text started something neither of us saw coming. 
 How do you seduce the woman who already has everything? 
 Show her what it’s like to be with a real good man.   

  Real Good Man is book one of the Real Duet. Logan and Banner's story will conclude in Real Good Love, releasing January 17, 2017.

Review: 5 STARS!!

Seriously, Logan & Banner are my two favorite characters by Meghan March!! The conclusion to their story was wonderfully written and full of laughter, passion & suspense.

Banner isn't like anyone you've ever met. She is spunky, a little off beat, but in a sexy way, passionate about her work and about Logan and she is supportive. Meeting Logan changed her life for the better and it really made her change her perspective on men. She snagged a good man and she isn't letting go, no matter how much the other woman of their little town want him. I loved seeing a more emotional side to Banner in this book. She cried for a woman who she loved to rile up and she literally fought for Logan and protected him. She stood up for her man and her relationship when most people would have cowered. I love her friendship with Greer and seeing a little interaction with Kreighton & Holly was awesome. 

Logan is all alpha male and all sexiness. Logan knows he wants a forever with Banner and he will do everything and anything for her. He is protective, possessive, such a freaking dirty talker and all around has a great heart. Banner brings out a side of himself that he didn't think he had. I felt the pain he had when he thought he lost his heart and his livelihood, that was such a profound moment for both Logan and Banner. I loved that Logan & Banner were straightforward, they didn't play mind games; the only games they played were in the bedroom!! It is hard for Logan to accept help without returning it, and seeing his character learn how to navigate a relationship with Banner where she does things for him and vice versa without the other having to reciprocate was interesting to watch unfold.

Seriously, the passion between these two characters was off the charts HOT!!! Their banter was hilarious and some of the things that Banner thinks in her head is just laughable. Their relationship was intense but they had an amazing time with each other. There was much laughter and good times with them and I truly enjoyed reading their story. I cannot wait for what comes next by Meghan March!!

-Elizabeth from Crazii Bitches Book Blog
Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

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