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Review & Excerpt Tour for Honor by Jay Crownover


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jay Crownover returns with her most complicated hero yet, in the first book in the romantic suspense series The Breaking Point.


Don’t be fooled.

Don’t make excuses for me.

I am not a good man.

I’ve seen things no one should, done things no one should talk about. Honor and conscience have no place in my life. But I’ve fought and I’ve survived. I’ve had to.

The first time I saw her dancing on that seedy stage in that second rate club, I felt my heart pulse for the first time. Keelyn Foster was too young, too vibrant for this place, and I knew in an instant that I would make her mine. But first I had to climb my way to the top. I had to have something more to offer her.

I’m here now, money is no object and I have no equal. Except for her. She's disappeared. But don’t worry, I will find her and claim her. She will be mine.

Like I said, don’t be fooled. I am not the devil in disguise... I’m the one standing front and center.

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                “What do you think of the club?”
                Her soft gray eyes widened and then narrowed. “It’s big and fancy. You can’t miss it as soon as you drive into the city.” There was a pause and her breath hitched. “You named it after me.”
                I grinned at her. She was the key to everything that mattered in my world and in this city. Of course I named it after her.
                “All the members got a lock or a key when they joined and paid their membership dues. The men all have a lock, one that is either open or one that is closed. If the lock is open, it means the gentleman is attached, married, has a partner, but is still up for anything and everything. The closed lock signifies that the particular man is off-limits and must engage with another member on his or her own terms.”
                She lifted an eyebrow at me. “And the keys?”
                I shrugged. “The women have the keys, to the locks and to the men’s hearts. Don’t they always?”
                She moved a little closer and our knees brushed together, and I felt it in my balls. I sucked in a quick breath as the mere touch made my dick throb.
                “So the women can just go around unlocking and locking men up all night long? They have no rules?”
                “Women make all the rules when it comes to sex, Key. You should know this better than anyone.” I wanted to reach out and pull her off the edge of the desk so that she was sitting in my lap. “They have the key but they don’t have to use it, and if a member with a closed lock doesn’t want them to set them free, then that’s it. There is no pressure. There is no persuasion. It should all be mutual and it is all facilitated by men and women that want to be here. I’m pay9ing a small fortune for the people that know this industry inside and out. I built a grown-up amusement park where nothing is off-limits. People love their kink. People love their sex.”
                “What about you? Do you love your sex and kink, Nassir?”
                I smirked at her. “Sex is a part of life; it’s necessary and here in the Point it is currency. Kink I can give or take depending on the person on the other end of it. I’ve seen too much torture and degradation in my lifetime for the extreme and dark to be appealing.”
                I saw the questions my quietly spoken words fired to life in her eyes, but instead of asking them, she was the one that decided to change the subject.
                “Tell me about this business proposition you had in mind when you came to Denver. You want me to dress in latex and spank people? You want me to get on my back and spread my legs while people watch? What’s your game plan?”
                I frowned at her and couldn’t stop myself from moving closer to her as she spit the harsh words out at me.
                “You think I want to watch you have sex with other people. Key? You think it’s been fun for me to watch you burn your way through every available and not-so-available boy in the Point because you weren’t ready for me? I narrowed my eyes at her. “Now, which one of us needs to have some accountability?”
                She flushed pink and leaned closer to me. She might be scared of me and the way I wanted her, but she never backed down, and that made my desire for her burn in a way that would never be extinguished.
                “What did you have in mind, Nassir?”

Review: 5 STARS!!

This book is one of my absolute favorites by Jay Crownover. Honor was enigmatic, passionate, thrilling & gritty. Nassir & Key are two unlikely characters who are just perfect for each other.

Key is a strong and confident woman. She exudes sex and is beautiful, but she has a past that she has escaped and has vowed to never let anyone, especially any man to ever own her. Nassir brings out feelings in her that no one else can elicit in her and it terrifies her, because she wants to be his equal, not his trophy. I loved that Key was her own person and knew what she wanted. She stood strong for herself and did what she had to do to survive. I think Key is one of the strongest heroine's that Jay Crownover has written and she is a bad@$$ in her own way.

Nassir was born into hatred and violence and he has used them to his advantage in The Point. Nassir is a man who scares people, tempts people & is so powerful that people want to be like him. I loved Nassir, seriously, I loved his devotion to Key and his businesses. He didn't have many friends, and even those select few that were kind of friends, they still didn't trust him and he didn't trust them. Life in The Point is dangerous and he is the king of it. His adoration and love for Key was beautiful. He opened up to her and he wanted her by his side. Nassir is sexy and definitely one of my top favorite male lead's of Jay Crownover's.

The back and forth between Nassir & Key was exhilarating, passion fueled & sometimes frustrating. I understood why Key pushed him away, but at the same time, I wanted to shake her up and say, "TAKE A CHANCE!" These two characters were like phoenix's, being reborn to each other. I loved watching Key grow into a savvy and smart business woman while being comfortable and strong in her place with Nassir and Nassir grow more confident and open towards Key. They each helped each other in ways no one else could. Their passion for each other was on levels that were out of this world. They were made for each other and I loved reading their story!! Jay Crownover wrote an amazing book and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!!

-Elizabeth from Crazii Bitches Book Blog
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About Jay Crownover: 
Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men, The Point, and the Saints of Denver series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.        

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